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Fetish So Behaviors (By Jonatas Dornelles - Anthropologyst)

The main aim would keep the fetishist going, some would say. Focus kept while enjoying oneself would be placed upon something inanimate or fetish device, as it were. Read more...

Sexual Flashing (By Jonatas Dornelles - Anthropologist)

The sexual tendency which consists of the exposure of sexual organs as means of sexual indulgence is namely exhibitionism. Read more...

Being a Sex-Pro means every Woman's Fantasy (By Adriana Sommer da Costa - Psychologist)

Female imagination is really amazing, and that’s the reason why sexual fantasies of a female can reach out farther. As far as the average girl might concern sex-pros stand for those women who mastered all there’s to be known about sex. They know how to lure men, aside from having all the answers when it comes to self-indulgence. Read more...

Erotomania aka Sexual String (By Anne Griza - Psychologist)

Erotomania, aka Clerambault syndrome (the doctor who, by the first time, in the early twentieth century, described cases of Erotomania), is a sexual disease from the psychosis group. It refers to the delusional certainty of being loved by someone from higher social class and intellectual background. Read more...

What Sexual Fantasy Means To Men (By Adriana Sommer da Costa - Psychologist)

Quite often sexual fantasies of the male kind seemingly thought provoking to the women’s minds on average. Whether having it off with two birds at the same time, or a quickie with the house maiden, shag the girl next door in the lift, spank your missus when it comes to sex, or call her names. All of which might sound a bit bizarre, maybe not? Although to the men’s mind, mischief mulling over their heads seems much more common than ever. Read more...

Mummification Bondage

Mummification bondage is a new practice related with BDSM that is becoming more and more popular in the recent years. As the other practices that are common in sadomasochism, mummification bondage has strong connection with feelings of domination and submission, and refers to a realization of a sexual fantasy that for some people may seem unusual or even bizarre. Read more...

BDSM Emblem

Practically every organization has its own symbol, no matter what’s the nature of their work. Similarly with the Gay Pride Flag, BDSM movement (Bondage & Discipline / Dominance & Submission / Sadism & Masochism) has its own symbol, called the BDSM emblem. Read more...

Fetishes and Shame

When people start to work on their sexuality, it is quite normal to realize that sex is about preferences and needs. That is when people start to develop their particular fetishes. Read more...

Sex and Drugs

When we have the power of choice; the free judgment to come and go; we can do anything we want to (of course, in the law). Life is so big when we are young and every dream we have seem possible, that sometimes we can make some mistakes – of course we learn a lot with them, but it looks as if we have to pass trough some life tests to, effectively, grow up and become more mature, facing some situations. Read more...

Penis Ring For Men's Pleasure

Everyday men search for sex toys to use in their genitals and so improve their sexual lives. For this reason, the use of penis rings is growing. Otherwise known as cock rings, they bind penis and testicles together and reduce blood flow out of the penis back into the body, which may result in firmer erection, greater sensitivity, and engorgement and, for some people, delay ejaculation. Read more...

Sex and Sadomasochism Gear-Up

Sadomasochism is known in and around the medical field as a perversion, or sexual deviation. Knowingly sexual arousal and ultimate pleasure induce via role-playing in that pain inflicting and taken up in sexually-switched camaraderie. Read more...

Porn Adiction

Porn addiction may seem a funny term for those who don't understand how destructive such a thing can be. In fact, porn addiction is a reality for thousand of people out there, and it's an addiction in the same degree as alcoholism or smoking for some people. Read more...


BDSM is a term that is much common among people who engage into certain sexual practices, but it is also a complete unknown and mysterious field for most people. In fact, the term stands for a series of sexual practices that are commonly considered unpleasant or even undesirable. Read more...


Much as anything life-atmosphere-like people have preferences in sex, too. Some people like just ordinary intercourse and others to improve it and make it a whole new thing. Read more...

Group Sex

Group sex is very old as far as sex modes go - but widely practiced today- and of many variations. It includes, at least, three or more people engaged in giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Read more...

Foot Fetishism

Foot fetishism is one of the myriad of fetishes one may indulge in. In brief, foot fetishism may be defined as a sexual interest and arousal by the human feet. Read more...

The Magic of Leather and Sex

There would be hard to determine when the fetish for leather started and how it developed into one of the world's most popular and charming fetishes ever. Read more...

Most Common Fetishes

A fetish may be defined as the physical and sexual attraction for some specific part of the human body or inanimate object. Usually, the fetish doesn't represent something attractive to people in general, although being the fetishist's ultimate thrill. Read more...

Sadomasochism and Sex

Sadomasochism and Sex - Sadomasochism can be defined as a combination of both sadism (sexual gratification through pain infliction upon another person) and masochism (sexual gratification of pain or pain- bound by means of torture and humiliation). Read more...

All About Fetishes

Do you have a fetish? And if I have one, would I be normal? What is fetish all about? Read more...

Sexual Sadism

From the paraphylia group of sex- linked disorder there's sexual sadism to single out. Read more...

Sexual Deviations (By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli - Psychologist)

Amongst sexual disorders approached at the office, sexual disorders top the agenda, clinically deem as paraphylia. Read more...

The Fantastic Universe of Sex Fantasies (By Darci L.D. Janarelli - Gynaechologist)

Thanks heavens that each individual is unique with distinct liking and preferences. It's in the diversity of sexual preferences that would embarrassing situations stem during a couple's lifetime. Read more...

Sexual Deviations- Beyond The Limits Of Orgasm (By Claudio Cesar de Souza - Psychologist)

The boundaries between normal and pathological in terms of human sexuality are the reasons of fierce arguments since the humankind began to write history, as far back as five thousand years ago. Read more...

All About Voyeurism (By Adriana Sommer da Costa - Psychologist)

Voyeurism, a.k.a. scophylia, is a sexual arousal disorder-like that consists of an endless search for sexual gratification through contemplation of sexual positions and genital organs. Read more...

The Rituals of Sadomasochism and their Real Purposes (By Adriana Sommer da Costa - Psychologist)

A great many people use rituals of sadomasochism in order to spice up sexuality or, who knows, vary their sexual positions range of options, which they might assume are in need of something different. Therein lies the intent to get it better, change their approaches, why not mentioning here, the so-called experimentation. Read more...

It's Healthy To Satisfy Our Sexual Fantasies... But Everything Has A Limit! (By Adriana Sommer da Costa - Psychologist)

To make sexual fantasies somewhat easier to understand, let us shed light on the concept of sexual fantasy itself. Read more...

Sex Impact of Viagra in American Society

The spreading of the Viagra craze in the USA was somewhat predictable. For a nation that consumes substantial amounts of drugs such as Prozac as an excuse for almost everything (even a bad hair day would be a good reason for some to pop a pill). It seems pretty obvious that a little blue, diamond- like shaped pill that delivers sexuality at full capacity for being enjoyed again for only $7 roughly and no questions asked. It will likely to cause massive run to urologists offices and drugstores the world over. Read more...

Sexual Fetishes and Fantasies in Sexuality (By Kelly C. B. Cherulli - Psychologist)

In the endless search for sexual pleasure, males and females driven sexually alike get up to all sort of sex tricks. It's deemed as alternative sex by some and as sexual positions of trustworthy literature by the likes of Kama Sutra's caliber. Read more...


Sadomasochism is paused as a dark and forbidden aspect of our sexuality. In fact, most people ignore what sadomasochism really is. Read more...

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